Closed Loop Partners is an investment firm focused on the development of the circular economy via investments in sustainable consumer goods and packaging companies, innovative recycling technologies and advanced supply chains. Led by a management team of experienced industry CEOs, CFOs, former heads of major municipal agencies and fund management professionals, the Closed Loop Partners team has assembled a portfolio of over 40 companies ranging from the most innovative early stage packaging and consumer goods companies to a number of the largest recycling facilities in the U.S. Closed Loop is targeting a $300M raise.

InvestEco Sustainable Food Fund III will invest in high-growth, private companies that promote health and sustainability in the food sector in North America. Over the first two funds, InvestEco has built a portfolio of some of the most dynamic companies in the sector, including Vital Farms, NadaMoo, Maple Hill Creamery, LesserEvil, Mama Earth Organics, Maison Le Grand and Kuli Kuli.

InvestEco has been recognized as one of the leading impact investors in North America, twice included in the ImpactAssets 50 as one of the leading global impact fund managers, and also recognized as a Best of the World Fund by B Lab. InvestEco has married strong impact reporting with strong sectoral expertise to provide a leading fund for investors seeking dual returns from the sustainable food sector.

Nephila Capital Ltd is a leading investment manager specializing in reinsurance risk. Nephila offers a broad range of investment products focusing on instruments such as insurance-linked securities, catastrophe bonds, insurance swaps, and private transactions. Nephila Climate (NCx) is a dedicated weather risk transfer and ESG-driven business. Nephila Capital Ltd has assets under management of over $11.5 billion as of January 1, 2019 and has been managing institutional assets in this space since it was founded in 1998. The firm has over 120 employees based in their Bermuda headquarters, San Francisco, CA, Nashville, TN and London. Further information can be found at or

New Summit’s team of impact investing veterans brings unparalleled expertise to the access, in-depth review, and curation of private-market portfolios focused on performance and social impact. New Summit launched its first multi-manager fund strategy in 2016. New Summit differentiates itself in the marketplace through its depth of experience, an exceptionally strong network, breadth of sourcing, and institutional-quality due diligence. The team fully integrates impact in their diligence and reporting, informed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Impact Management Project. New Summit’s target fund size is between $75-150M.

Rethink Education is a New York-based social impact investment manager focused in investing in early and growth-stage education companies that are developing technological solutions to 21st Century learning. Founded in 2012, Rethink Education’s mission is to support scalable education businesses that can help solve society’s largest education challenges. Rethink Education is targeting a $125-$150M fund.

Jonathan Rose Companies is one of the leading firms in the country with the institutional experience, knowledge, and scale necessary to generate strong risk-adjusted returns in investments in affordable and mixed-income multifamily housing. Since 2005, the investment division of Rose has invested approximately $265M of equity on behalf of institutional and private investors in more than 52 properties. Jonathan Rose Companies believes that every resident of every community deserves an equal opportunity to thrive. Their goal is for each project to be a replicable model of environmental, social, and economic responsibility, creating plans, buildings, communities, and investments that learn from and contribute to the growing body of positive solutions to the challenges of the 21st-century cities. Rose is targeting a $500M fund.

Sarona is a private equity firm, investing growth capital in companies and private equity funds in frontier and emerging markets. Through its strategy of partnering with local private equity firms, Sarona is able to help build companies that deliver excellent risk-adjusted returns while creating a positive social and environmental impact. Sarona and its predecessors have developed a wealth of experience and knowledge through 60 years of private investments in frontier and emerging markets. Sarona is based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; and Greenwich, Connecticut, USA.

Yield Lab Global Opportunity Fund, LP (the “Fund”) was formed by a group of successful agriculture corporate executives, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on the rising number of agriculture technology and food-related (“Agri-food Tech”) investment opportunities globally. By adding the Fund to its existing and growing network of regional funds, the Yield Lab organization (the “Yield Lab”) becomes a more complete financial solution and resource for AgTech companies and the industry generally.

WAVE Equity Partners is raising $150M PE Fund II to invest early growth equity in high growth companies in the Clean Energy, Food, Waste and Water Industries. After initial close, Fund II has already secured the first two investments.

  • Target: High ESG Impact Companies that manufacture breakthrough products at lower cost with innovative IP, strong growth and solid margins
  • Growth: Fund I portfolio of 6 companies has experienced 700% revenue growth to $120M in 4 years
  • Track record: Pre-WAVE, the founders distributed $564M, 2.9x multiple, 41% net IRR.

Fund I Net IRR 14.6%, Gross MOIC 1.6x (Sep 2018)


Buchi is the largest kombucha brewer on the East Coast. It has sold product under its Buchi brand for a number of years and has recently started to sell into the private label market. Buchi is at the forefront of two massive trends: the rise and popularity of kombucha and other fermented beverages and of private label brands (by the end of 2017, private label dollar growth was 3x that of branded products). Buchi has positioned itself to become a top player in the fast-growing U.S. kombucha private label market, which shot to prominence in 2018. Buchi is raising $10M to increase its capacity to meet existing business Buchi has already secured.

Envirofit is an industry-leading social enterprise that innovates aspirational products and services that increase energy access for families in emerging markets. Over the past decade Envirofit has designed and delivered clean energy solutions for families in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, as they transition up the energy ladder from wood to charcoal, to LPG. In 2017 Envirofit launched SmartGasTM, a new service that is revolutionizing access to LPG through the first and only commercially available SmartMeter technology that allows families to pay-as-you-cookTM using mobile money, making modern cooking accessible and affordable.

JCM Power is an independent power producer (IPP) dedicated to accelerating social, economic and environmental sustainability in growth markets through the development, construction and operation of renewable energy facilities and HVDC transmission lines. We establish long-term partnerships with local communities, governments and financial institutions to build and operate clean energy projects in markets where economies are growing rapidly and electricity is currently scarce, but sun and wind are abundant. JCM Power’s focus is on projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and South Asia.

JCM Power is uniquely positioned to lead the world’s renewable energy transformation. We are energy experts – members of our team have built and operated gigawatts of renewable energy projects around the globe. As engineers, lawyers, accountants and financiers, we are able to manage the risk and complexity of financing and owning infrastructure projects, all the while ensuring an unwavering dedication to the highest ethical, social and environmental standards. Our experience and agility in deployment allow us to help shape the future of renewable energy in growth markets.

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